The Difference Everyone Should Know (Survivalists Versus Preppers)

survivalist vs prepperThe Truth About These 2 Survival Strategies

The world is changing daily and you’re worried about a direct impact on your family, especially after the presidential election. But you’re not sure where to begin your survival planning, right? You’re not alone and 2017 will be a big year of uncertainty for everyone…

But you know something, there’s always a new crisis going on in the global economy that people need to prep for:

  • Japan – negative interest rates!
  • China – building ghost cities to make ends meet!
  • Russia – reverting back to USSR ways!
  • India – trying to move off paper currency!
  • Greece – bankrupt!
  • Italy – bankrupt!
  • USA – the super rich are getting richer and the middle class are becoming low income!

And the list above could go on and on about news here at home that could directly impact your livelihood, and have you and your family living on the streets tonight…would you be prepared?

Headline News: International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Survivalists Versus Preppers, a quick summary for newbies.

In this brief beginner’s guide we’ll take a quick look at the differences between Survivalist and Preppers to see which strategy is best for you. At this point, we’re just doing a high-level overview to get the juice flowing so you will start thinking.

Most people in a crisis become victims because the don’t ‘think’ it will happen to them!

There are two groups of people who want to live obscure lives and be prepared for situations that disrupt their normal day-to-day living. One group is known as a survivalists and the other group is known as preppers. Both groups plan to be ready for whatever happens – be the crisis – local, state, national or international.

Let’s start with – what is a survivalist?

A survivalist is someone who leans more toward making sure they have the knowledge to survive a short-term crisis. They know exactly what to do if disaster hits and they have an escape plan that includes where to head to in the event that their home isn’t livable.

Survivalist prepare for a bad situations by making sure they have fully-stocked backpacks (A.K.A. bug-out-bag) ready and waiting with at least three days’ worth of food, water, clothing and the means to build a temporary shelter, anywhere they can.

Survivalist also keep their bug out vehicle ready to hit the road. Many survivalists believe that the crisis will be temporary and that normal order will be restored so they can return home. Although they are ready in case it takes awhile so they’re  prepared to hide out and survive for more than a few more days if necessary.

Now on the other hand – what is a Prepper?

A prepper likes to be prepared to go beyond just short-term survival. Their goal isn’t always survival, but self reliance. They want to be free from the needs of society so that if a disaster does occur, it’s like any other day for them – their life goes on as usual.

Preppers are prepared to survive for any length of time. They believe that regardless of how short or long a time it takes for their world to get back to normal, they need to be able to take care of themselves and their families.

They believe the only one they can count on for long-term survival is themselves, so they get ready. And degree of preparation is what separate survivalists from preppers. What preppers do to get ready, is they prepare to be self-sufficient. Many of them begin homesteading.

What is homesteading?

Rather than relying on 3 days’ worth of emergency food supplies like a survivalists, being a prepper is a lifestyle. They have a garden that will sustain their family and they have seeds in store to continually replenish that garden.

They also make sure that they use animals to provide for their needs. For example, they get their milk supply from cows and eggs from chickens. They use animals to meet their other needs as well. They keep goats for cheese and some of them raise sheep for the fleece that they turn around and use to make into clothing items.

They put food that they’ve grown themselves into storage by preserving the foods. What they’ve actually done is to look at the way that life was lived long ago and they’ve seen how those people managed to live off the land and survive quiet well, and they emulate that.

There you have it.

Which are you?

Or, maybe you’re not sure yet?

Understood because not everyone is cut out for either strategy at the start, which is why Living Obscure is here to help and guide you.

We have guides and how-to articles for beginners who just want the basics so they’re not completely caught off-guard. Then from there if you want to become a full-fledged survivalist or prepper, good for you.

Either way, now you know the difference. But don’t stop there, keep learning!


No need to decide right this minute whether you want to be a Survivalist or a Prepper, keep reading LO’s guides to see where you fit in and then take action and begin…

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